Ninja Fishing from publisher Gamenauts is fish slashing game. While it has some stuff in common with other fruit slashing games, it has some elements that make it a unique game, and there are a lot of exciting features that make it worth a download.

The game begins with your ninja in a boat, ready to slice and dice some fish. To play the game, just tap the screen for dropping your lure. Now you just need to tilt the screen right or left as the hook goes down. Tapping the screen will transform your line into a drill, great for cutting fish.

When you hit a fish or your line gets to your end, level two will begin. Your line will begin to retract as you reel in the fish. When this takes place you will have to tilt your device to strike as many fish as possible. Once you pass this, stage 3 will begin and so on.

Ninja Fishing is very interesting, and what makes it different is that your performance in the previous level determines your standing on the next stage. While the game is challenging, you earn points from hitting fish that can be used to upgrade your equipment. For example, you can use it to buy a longer string so you can go deeper and get more fish.

You can also use those points to buy more fuel for your drill so you can utilize it more often. Itís these features than make Ninja Fishing an addictive game, and something you will be playing for hours on end.

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