Consider yourself privileged as you stumble upon The Shones‘ selft-titled EP released March this year.

Having played for the last seven years in Madison, Wisconsin, listen as this five-piece band reinvent their sound in the buzzing Boston music scene. The Shone’s consists of Fransiscus Pobar Lay (Lead Vocals), Alex Leeds (Bass/ Backup Vocals), Paul Arbaje (Guitar), Henry Stoehr (Guitar), and Teddy Matthews (Drums/ Backup Vocals).

Dirty Feeling sets the stage as it offers three essential elements for the band’s musical brand—rock, blues, and garage. This opening track solidifies what The Shones can offer to their listeners.

Following with a steady guitar and drum hook, Wendy bites the ears with an edgy surf rock aesthetic. The band’s high energy in making recording the song is evident that it can be easily translated and absorbed to the listeners.

Using a bit more surf rock, Hold Up features chill vocals and steady instrumentation. While closing track Bolero wraps up the album in a slow escalating piece that’s condensed with tightly woven acoustic rock tunes.

In The Shones EP, the band has successfully placed their self in the game as someone to watch out for. With a new face lift and fresh tunes, this EP screams that the band is officially separating itself from the pack.

Track list:
1. Dirty Feeling
2. Wendy
3. No More
4. Hold Up
5. Moon
6. Bolero

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