Erin by Chris Rubeo is a stash of spellbinding and enthralling folk ballad music. This EP makes it clear that the passing of time hasn’t reduced down the taste for the mysteries of folk music.

In Lights, Grace Rolland’s dulcet tones and phrasing are wonderful to listen to; you just can’t help swaying along to them. The song shows simplicity, yet it will keep you amazed.

Every lyric in the song The Water will cascade into your ears like a rush of a river flowing down. Warm analog pipes and lush heartbreak flourishes in this song.

Title track Erin will make your heart melt. The song twinkles mournfully, like a star shining alone up on the vast stretch of the night sky. It is haunting and eerie, yet it gives you the tune that is just what you needed.


Shadowy and downbeat as well is Thrown Into the Sea. Another song that is as poetic and as wonderful as the other tracks in this album. It has quite a short composition, but will satisfy your cravings for good music.

Lastly, Lover’s Spit proves that this album is a strong and competitive record.

Together with the efforts of Finnegan Shanahan, Madeline Wise, Elizabeth Wu,
David Bloom, Cameron West, Dylan Mattingly, Noah Guttell, Sonrisa Cooper, Jeff Naylor, Grace Rolland, Brian Barth, and Alana Skye Campbell, Erin has a great future in the indiescape.

Track List:
1. Lights
2. The Water
3. Erin
4. Thrown Into the Sea
5. Lover’s Spit

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