Rachel Thomasin: Microforms

Rachel Thomasin's stimulates our brain cells and get us in a better in her latest release, Microforms. The twenty-something songstress from Boston, Massachusetts paints the indie scene with vigorous colors of eclectic instrument and ambient pop melodies that are brushed to perfection. Rachel released her first EP in 2012 and has since then continued to create new pieces while at the same time performing live shows in various venues in New York and Boston.

Carousel: Palms EP

Carousel‘s latest EP, Palms, proves that you can never have enough electronic pop in your life. Whether you’re driving, on the train, or working, the Boston-based duo of Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman crafts the perfect anthems to jam to in every season.

Camden: Totally Fine

Totally Fine is ‘totally’ ramped up compared to their previous EP and it ‘totally’ works. Three very strong tracks guide this EP straight to the repeat setting. Although Camden’s sound can simply be thrown into a the indie alternative rock genre, there’s something that sets Camden aside. Perhaps it’s their ability to blend everything just right, I can almost see the sound waves dancing away together as if it were their high school prom.

The Shones: EP

Consider yourself privileged as you stumble upon The Shones selft-titled EP released March this year. Having played for the last seven years in Madison, Wisconsin, listen as this five-piece band reinvent their sound in the buzzing Boston music scene.