Alice in Wonderland – A New Champion draws inspiration from the 2010 Alice movie, and this one is every bit as visually delightful as the film. While the game from Disney is simple and aimed mainly at young kids, it’s still a lot of fun and the young at heart will enjoy unraveling the mysteries on Wonderland.

This free to play game has a new story and all the well loved characters from the film and book are here. Alice isn’t a playable character, but instead she and the White Queen will help the new Alice, controlled by you beat the Red Queen. In the game, you can play as Lewis or Carol and after choosing you’ll get the chance to explore the game, completing tasks that will earn you currency and stars.

As you get more stars, you’ll have a better chance to go up a level. As the game is meant for kids, the tasks are quite simple such as making tea for the Mad Hatter or collecting ingredients to bake a dessert. And to make it easier for the kids, there are hints to help them find the required objects.

Alice in Wonderland – A New Champion isn’t a complicated game, but it’s just right for kids, and the animation and graphics are just beautiful, and it’s a lot of fun to explore. One of the highlights here is the Mad Hatter’s tea party and it’s a sight to behold. Actually all the locations here are all well rendered. Aside from the game itself, a lot of the fun comes from just seeing all those beloved characters come to life again.

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