Stack Rabbit is a match 3 puzzle game, and while that’s nothing new, Disney has made it more challenging. The objective of the game is to gather vegetables, and rather than use the 2D perspective like other games, Stack Rabbit relies on a 3D engine, so it’s very different.

You control Ben the Rabbit through more than 60 levels, and your goal is to gather and match those veggies according to color. Do this successfully and you score points. Though the mechanics are simple, you have to get those vegetables in a specific order. For instance you may be required to collect different veggies in a specific order, and there is a time limit in most of these challenges, so you need to hurry.

Adding to the challenge is the fact that Ben can only gather seven veggies at one time. The first few levels are quite easy, but the later ones are very challenging and can be quite tricky. However, the game never reaches a point when it seems impossible to go on. However you need to be patient while playing the game. There are IAPs here but they aren’t necessary to complete the game.

The graphics in Stack Rabbit are very nice and it’s sharper than most other games of this type. The animation is smooth, comparable to other Disney games, if not better. The one thing that really sets it apart from other match 3 puzzles is it is more complex. This makes it the ideal game if you are looking for a bigger challenge.

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