Alex Highton‘s music feels like coming home from a tiring day, as it makes us warm and fuzzy inside. Woodditton Wives Club possesses a distinct charm that invites and lightens your mood upon listening to its friendly folk pieces.

Alex’s music is simple and real. He does not invest heavily in stylistics and genre-bending antics, but rather focuses on well-penned lines that reflects the beauty of everyday life—the poetry of life,the poetry of everyone. His laid-back and infectious sound is what invites the listeners to comb through the whole 13-track collection.

Woodditton Wives Club earned Alex Highton a lot of buzz and steady core following, including a Twitter endorsement from Ashton Kutcher.

You’ve Got The Trees reminds us of spring in the countryside. Featuring soft-cooing strings, crisp vocals, and visual romantic lines, it is no wonder that this song became an instant charmer to the public.

On the Corner adds a more theatrical flair with narrating lines and low, solid strumming. It adds depth and a darker emotion, which is a bit different from the sunshine-filled opener. While A Song For Someone features earthly, stripped acoustic arrangement and heart-melting vocals. Press play and let this sonic gem captivate your senses.

Sailing smoothly in an ocean of fluid folk strings, The Sweet Taste of Defeat is a melancholic piece that highlights Highton’s polished and refreshing voice. The track has the ability to penetrate into our skin and touch your deepest core.

Woodditton Wives Club respects the balance between depth and sound. It is a well-mastered album that deserves all the praises. Whether you’re happy or feeling low, the album sets you in the right mood and most importantly, teaches you to appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

Track List:
1. You’ve Got The Trees
2. On The Corner
3. I Left The City
4. You Left Me In No Doubt
5. Stupid
6. I Just Found Out Today
7. Hip With The Kids
8. Song For Someone
9. Village Life
10. The Great Divide
11. Sweet Taste Of Defeat
12. What Will You Do When The Break Your Heart
13. Little Rocks

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