Take a detour into funky town with Kawehi‘s third release entitled TOY.

Currently based in L.A., the Hawaiian singer-songwriter enthralls her listeners with a one-of-a-kind pop experience—an intricate mix of catchy hooks and heartfelt lyricism.

With over 200 shows, Kawehi has already made a name for herself. She has been featured in Music Connection’s Magazine’s “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists & Bands”, CBS News Most Viral Videos, Vimeo, Booooooom!, and Sony Music.

Released last May 7, 2013, TOY is an EP where every song has a toy instrument of some kind. Manned with ukulele and guitar platypus, the album opens up with On The Radio (explicit). This three-minute track has that upbeat, funky sensibility for the pop enthusiasts.

Plastic Hearts slows the overall town a bit with soothing melodies accompanied with ukulele strings. Press play and let Kawehi’s sultry vocals serenade your ears.

Painting a stark contrast with the previous track, Henrietta sheds a bit of pop rock with a steady beat in the chorus. I Can’t Move wraps up the album with mystical keys and soothing vocals.

All in all, TOY is a fun, experimental album that suits the palette of almost everyone. The four tracks in this EP has proven that Kawehi deserves the attention that she’s getting from fans and the industry.

Track List:
1. On the Radio (explicit)
2. Plastic Hearts
3. Henrietta
4. I Can’t Move

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