Bluefish is an open source programming and web development application. Developed by the Bluefish team, it gives you plenty of options for writing scripts, websites and even code. While the program is powerful, it is lightweight and loads quickly even on a netbook. However, don’t mistake the compactness for lack of features, as this is packed.

Bluefish is capable of opening more than 500 documents and it has project support so you can work on several projects at the same time. In addition, settings for each project can be restored. There’s also multi-thread support for CIFS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV and more.

Bluefish has a search and replace function that supports Perl regular expressions as well as sub-pattern replacements. You can also integrate numerous external applications like javac, tidy and xmllint or even your own script for error detection purposes. For advanced programmers, it’s possible to integrate external filters, and there’s unlimited redo and undo.

Bluefish comes with its own spell checker, and it is aware of programming language so it won’t cause any problems. And if the program crashes, there’s no need to worry since there’s an auto-recovery feature. Aside from those features, Bluefish also has a character map of every Unicode character, and there’s site uploading functionality too.

Aside from those features, Bluefish also comes with plenty of other tools like full editing, join lines, customizable programming language and more. There are obviously a lot of tools and settings in the program, but it is well-designed and finding what you need is easy.

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