Voted as Milwaukee’s Best Female Vocalist for 2009 and 2010, Jeanna Salzer‘s 2009 release Breaking Point is nothing but fresh aroma for the music scene.

Jeanna and her band (Harrison Dole and Alex Bunke) has become household staples in Milwaukee. Their tracks can be heard on two of Milwaukee’s favorite radio stations. Jenna has also collaborated with other local musicians and appeared on the music show Unlooped.

Yearning to find a sense of wonder in the world, the album opens with title track Breaking Point. Fluttering piano keys and saccharine vocals sets the album’s sunshine-filled atmosphere.

Toning down the sweet tooth is Palisades. An emotional ballad accompanied with down-tempo piano lets Salzer’s voice shine through. While Penny Heaven explores the jazz territories as sensual and effortless vocals flutters throughout track.

Love Me brings back the rhythm and hype as a jungle of keyboards, drums,and percussion explodes into an eargasmic celebration. While Petals closes the collection in an ambient approach. Close your eyes as extending cello wraps every curl of Salzer’s powerful voice.


Seldom do we hear a voice so powerful it takes us back to special moments in our life and Jeanna Salzer is one of those. So download, press play, and let this album make its magic.

Track List:
1. Breaking Point
2. Palisades
3. Penny Heaven
4. Take It All
5. Love Me
6. Petals

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