Bursting with vibrant sonic oddness, Prisms EP by Warehouse Eyes treats us with eclectic harmonies, experimentation, and an elite musical taste.

Warehouse Eyes is a four-man band from Minneapolis consisting of Jennie Lawless (vocals, synthesizers), Christopher Williams (vocal, keys, and synthesizers), Kevin Scott (bass), and Alexander Young (drums).


I Think I Can Live With It opens the album with raw energy transformed into a unique experimentation of tribal beats and spacey, ambient vocals. This atmospheric vibe slowly builds into a celebration of instruments coupled with thick synths and Jennie Lawless’ crisp delivery.

Next stop, The Same Dream┬ápresents a universe of sporadic drum beats painted over a canvas of layered synths. Again, Lawless’ airy vocals shine through as it creates a balance of freshness and subtlety to the upbeat arrangement.

Smoke experiments with beat and flow. The track creates a distinct sound by creating pauses in between beats while soothing vocals swirl in the heart of the song, raising this piece into the upper echelons of indie/experimental pop music.

Prisms EP serves as an entry point for new fans and an air of respect for old ones. In this album, Warehouse Eyes has proven that they have a lot of talent at their disposal for eager ears to listen to.

Track List:
1. I Think I Can Live With It
2. The Same Dream
3. Emma
4. Drive
5. Smoke

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