Snipers vs Thieves from Playstack bases its premise on cops vs robbers, but it’s been updated with immersive gameplay. You choose to be a robber or a sniper, and while it sounds serious, the game has a light tone and with no gore, so it’s ideal for casual mobile gamers who want some fun.

As a robber your goal is to escape the bank and make it to your vehicle without being hit by the sniper. As a sniper your goal is to take out the robbers before they can get away. You’ll have access to explosives and other tools to be successful either way.

While the game looks cartoony, Snipers vs Thieves actually requires strategy. When the game starts, choose which one you’ll be. The Office button is for the snipers, and this is where you can choose different masks and profile updating. For the thieves there is the cartel button along with other options for buying items and conducting various transactions. The more you’re able to level up, the easier it will be to join a cartel and have opportunities to advance in the game.

Matchmaking is done rapidly and each one lasts just a couple of minutes at most. Prior to starting you can buy power ups, guns, ammo, traps and other gear. You can also purchase disguises. Here you can see the level of variety present, and this is what makes Snipers vs Thieves a lot of fun to play.

It might seem there is a lot to take in, but the gameplay and visuals are well presented. It’s quick fun to get into and you’ll just want to keep playing.

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