Trip-hop producer, Anitek, has been regularly making an appearance here on the pages of the Frostclick blog, he’s dropped by before with two of his previous records in tow as well as being one part of the duo, Tab & Anitek.

Trained in the classical arts, Anitek is a proficient pianist; having played for more than 15 years. He also plays cello, guitar, clarinet, drums, bass and is also a scratch DJ on the side.

Sae Yeon is the latest project to come out from his bag of tricks. It’s an album that bears plenty of trademark Anitek grooves that both old and new fans will enjoy.

Regarded for his mix of soulful hip hop, dub sounds and careful samples; Anitek brings everything to the plate and even delivers more of his talent in this great compilation.

From opening track, Inducer, you’re treated to a cool mix of vocal samples, a steady beat and a chillout atmosphere that’s characteristic of the producer’s sound. Hence, it’s not surprising to hear much of the same patterns through other tracks like Circles, Journey of the Acute, and Counting Colors.

On the other hand, you’ll also find hints of reggae and more Caribbean beats present in songs like Lazy Education and Pretense. Meanwhile, Mind Growth, explores an ethnic, slightly pensive mood; carefully creating a solemn mood throughout the track.

Sae Yeon is another great compilation Anitek can place under his belt. It’s not exactly a standout piece in that he showcases what fans have always known before; the guy’s got skills when it comes to creating beats! What’s more, you can always expect great quality productions from him, and this album is no exception.Go ahead and check this out.

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