Music’s power relies on its ability to move, transport, and induce emotions and memories through mixtures of melodies. In Vanilla‘s 2015 collection, entitled Origins, the artists treats listeners with a collection of 17 instrumental tracks that are designed to soothe your soul after a long day’s work.

Dreamcatcher is an eccentric piece that’s built around a theme of Asian samples mixed with chillhop beats. The result is an interesting flavor that merges Eastern and Western sound. Meanwhile, Arrow traverses in the nooks and crannies of soul and jazz to transport listeners to the golden era of jazz lounge and classic cocktails. Here, Vanilla embraces control and subtlety in rhythm and beat to incorporate hip-hop tunes without overpowering the song’s overall theme.

Chill and heaps of ambient electro samples are utilized in Summer. This piece doesn’t shy on using rich jazz and horns to create melodies that are perfect for relaxation. Meanwhile, Sunrise peruses into the ears with chillhop beats layered with intricate piano keys that flutter in every note.

That Dream Again closes the collection on an elegant note with luscious jazz samples paired with just the right amount of beats to give this sonic gem a new flavor.

In Origin, Vanilla masters the art of transforming hip-hop into a genre that’s not only for those who love beats but also for musical lovers who choose to traverse the slow route, savoring each note as it touches their ears.

Track List:

1. Past, Present & Future (Intro)
2. Dreamcatcher
3. Arrow
4. Nana
5. Footsteps
6. All In My Mind
7. Golden
8. Summer
9. Whispering
10. Origin
11. Traveller
12. Swept Away
13. Sunrise
14. Fuji
15. Rainy Day
16. Gigi
17. That Dream Again

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