Indie jazz rock band conquers music lovers with a solid indie math rock offering. Charts and Maps offers one of a kind instrumental music that takes you back to the 60s, as it reverberates with beautiful guitar work and a jazzy rock feel.

Enemies of C. Frias is the bands 4 song EP and from the sound of it, it seems to be a very promising take on what they have to offer.

Enemies of C. Frias was mixed and recorded with the help of Chris Schlarb, member of jazz rock duo I Heart Lung; this demo is a mix of math rock and indie jazz but for those who hate labels, it’s otherwise called great music. Take a listen.

Like their previous releases (Charts and Maps Killed a Man and Trouble at the Mill) this latest offering manages to maintain their adventurous streak, but at the same time provides a great improvement from the older releases. The band is known for their creative inputs in the form of weird and unconventional song structures as well as impressive time or key change without warning. There’s no denying that this band is composed of extremely talented individuals that continue to push the envelope when it comes to their music. What makes them a killer band is that despite the excess virtuosity, they manage to incorporate catchy hooks to their tracks as well.

Freely distributed under a creative commons license, Enemies of C. Frias is a four track demo that shows influence in various genres. It contains progressive song structures and are comfortable to listen to. Herd of Elephants opens with jazz style guitars and a great complimenting bass. The track is relaxing and makes for great lounge music. As for In the Town of the Machine, the guitar solo towards the end is a nice surprise, in contrast to its dreamy somewhat trance like intro.

With such innovative technique and fun style, its hard not to love this demo even if progressive math rock is not really big on your list.

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