Treat yourself with some fresh energizing sound with NO/NO‘s latest EP, Drag. The Wisconsin-based band of Harrison Colby (guitar, vocals), Cat Ries (synth, vocals), Lucas Riddle (bass), and Jeremy Ault (drum pad, sampling) introduces to listeners their signature sound of new wave pop that has punk and darkwave undertones.

First stop is Hardcore, a foot-stomping track that features reverb-drenched and sharp-edged melodies that will surely fire up any room. NO/NO balances out the sharp arrangement with spacey vocals to create a listening experience that builds up organically in the ears.

Crooked Faith follows with darkwave musings punctuated with high-pitched tunes and bold, solid beats. While title track Drag closes the album with well-penned verses delivered with rhythmic beats and spirited guitar riffs. Spacey, metallic vocals add texture to this sonic gem.

For those looking for fresh punk new wave tunes, NO/NO’s Drag EP is an excellent choice that will suit hardcore music lovers any time of the day.

Track List:
1. Hardcore
2. Crooked Faith
3. Mistakes
4. Drag

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