Scowler: How To Find Light

We will never run out of new bands to discover and new music to try. With the great number of bands breaking musical boundaries, the number of new genres are also staggering. Meet Scowler, a band who self-decribes their sound as “Milwaukee non-denominational hardcore”. But can we all agree that amidst all these new multi-hyphenated genres, all good music will just be defined as what it really is? Good music.

NO/NO: Drag EP

Treat yourself with some fresh energizing sound with NO/NO’s latest EP, Drag. The Wisconsin-based band of Harrison Colby (guitar, vocals), Cat Ries (synth, vocals), Lucas Riddle (bass), and Jeremy Ault (drum pad, sampling) introduces to listeners their signature sound of new wave pop that has punk and darkwave undertones.

Jeanna Salzer: Breaking Point

Voted as Milwaukee’s Best Female Vocalist for 2009 and 2010, Jeanna Salzer‘s 2009 release Breaking Point is nothing but fresh aroma for the music scene.

Lex Allen: Anonymous Vibes

It’s 2014, and you’ll be damned if you don’t put some soul onto those musical bones. Let newcomer Lex Allen treat you to a sonic ride of raw R&B with his latest EP, Anonymous Vibes. The 7-track collection, which might serve as his ode to contemporary greats such as John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and even Jason Mraz (lyrically), is set to awe, inspire, and swoon.