Get ready for a playful folk pop experience in Black Hair Typography by Heart Sick Groans. This album will surely make you move, smile, and sing along with the tracks’ quirky beats. This four-track set was recently released last April 10, 2014. What makes it standout is its whimsical charm that captures the hearts of both the youth and kids at heart.

Title track Black Hair Typography kicks off with upbeat irony—a well-blended contradiction between the beat and melancholic lines of the song.  This contrast was made possible through the blend of percussion, guitar, and drums. Whether you are stuck in the office or just lazying around, this piece is the perfect companion to boost your energy.

Lily of The West takes you directly to an afternoon beach party, as the beat of the percussion and drums has a tropical vibe. Press play and let this track the perfect accompaniment to a weekend surf trip and let your ears ride swiftly through the waves.

Don’t be fooled by the track My Nails Are Too Long, as it is not about being fun and girly, it’s about regrets. The way the band executed the song remains consistent to their chosen genre, folk. Expect soulful vocals and an excellent combination of percussion, piano and violin. If you are regretting some decisions in love, this song is for you.

If The Canary Stops Singing is the most easy-going track in the track list. The mixture of percussion, electronic guitar, and drums is what makes this track easily digestible. Despite the puzzling song message, this song is perfect in a beach bonfire night.

Aside from your sunglasses and sunblock, this album is a must-have summer essential. Expect for a fun joyride with this album together with fun-loving traveling buddies, and make wanderlusted memories under the sun. Black Heart Typography might struck you to be a bit dark, but the beats of this album defies its title.

Track List:
1. Black Hair Typography
2. Lily Of The West
3. My Nails Are Too Long
4. If The Canary Stops Singing

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