One word to describe Born Without Bones album Baby? Epic.

Nineties alternative rock gets another revamp with Baby, an eleven-track collection from Milford, Massachusetts-based band. The three-man group of Scott, John, and Jim has crafted rock tunes that’ll make you grin, sing, or dance along with.

Rough Terrain opens up the album with a subdued intro, which pauses and swings into a full-blown combination of drum beats, sharp bass, and of course, raw vocals. This track plays an important role as it sets the overall mood of the song, taking back listeners into a time where cassette tapes, radios, and jamming in the garage is a thing.

Suffice follows with steady guitar riffs that blend perfectly with rhythmic drum beats. Again, the ’90s touch is still evident, giving a whiff of nostalgia in every play.

Meanwhile, Sync invokes teenage love problems through well-polished lines. Listen as crisp vocals deliver lyrics such as: “Without me here, and I’m still a mess. / That I can’t seem to figure out. / And there you rest, so complacent and stressed out. / Can we put it to rest? / Are we falling out of sync? / Or are we sick of living on our knees / And thinking the same things.”

A personal favorite, Baby closes the album with a ingenious blend of sweet rock melodies that tickles the heart with softly delivered lines.

In this collection, Born Without Bones fulfills the promise of bringing back an era that rings close to home to most of us.

Track List:
1. Rough Terrain
2. Suffice
3. Sync
4. Cheap Fun
5. Bad Habit
6. Stone
7. I Was In Love
8. Slow Motion
9. Cancelled
10. Rough Terrain (Reprise)
11. Baby

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