QikShare from iVinny is an app that allows you to save share files to your computer and other mobile devices. However you are not limited to sharing photos and videos as you can also share text messages, email and other files, making this a very convenient file to use especially if you like to share stuff with friends and colleagues.

One of the more interesting features on QikShare is the ability to share directly from any app using Apple’s share feature. Just go to the share menu where you usually post on Facebook and Twitter and tap the “more” option. Once there turn QikShare on and choose the files you want to share.

The same process can be used to share videos, photos, text messages and other files so it is very intuitive. In addition, QikShare is very fast and it allows you to share more than a single contact at a time. You can also share up to 15 pictures simultaneously and there’s no messy configuration to work with either.

There is even a built-browser so you can use the Net, and there’s also a Dropbox share feature too, very handy. And you don’t need wi-fi to access its major features either. The app is also very stable and because it is continuously updated you get a lot of new features. The bottom line is if you like or need to share a lot of files then you will find QikShare very handy. It’s quick, easy and reliable so it’s something you can depend on.

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