The AJ Gatz Project is actually a musical duo made up of AJ Gatz and Arthur DB. Holed up in their Parisian apartment, the two create soft, melodic electro/acoustic music capturing nostalgia, longing and bittersweet memories of a loved one.

This beautiful compilation comes with 10-tracks mainly filled with gentle guitar plucking and strumming. It’s a stripped down number perfect for some reminiscing on low key afternoons where you simply want to hole up and be alone with your thoughts.

Majority of the tracks have been written before and are now only experiencing a new life. The project is perfect for quiet moments where you want a soundtrack to go with the solitude.

Opening the compilation is Falling, a sweet, acoustic number perfect for relaxing. The song combines a flurry of gorgeous rhythms along with skillful guitar playing. It’s a track that evokes a plea to a lover and marked with a sincerity that’s hard to come by in acoustic tracks nowadays.

Several other cuts worth noting include, Feed Again, which samples children’s voices while playing outside. It is a slow and moody cut. It’s followed by All Clear From the Start; a track that’s slightly more upbeat and bears a strong indie hipster sound. Another cool single is A Good Night’s Sleep, which is a slow acoustic rock number filled with mood and atmosphere.

If you want some company for those moody, reflective days; then you cannot go wrong with this album. Each track creates its own bubble; gently enveloping you in a veil of melancholy and emotional serenity all at the same time.

The record is available as a free download so take a listen and grab a copy if you like it.

Track List
1. Falling
2. Nobody’s Empty
3. Feed Again
4. All Clear From the Start
5. A Good Night’s Sleep
6. The Little Things in Life
7. Give Me Time
8. Nothing
9. Stuck In The Back of My Head

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