Good As You by the Plastic People is a mix of electronic indie hipster pop that’s super catchy and easy to dance to. Released on German netlabel, afmusic, the band’s sound is littered with catchy beats, electronic samples, and hipster vocals.

This French band knows how to trigger a happy, non-stop music fanfare when it comes to their music. Their sound is poppy with great hints of electro punk and social commentary. Even if you are not a strict fan of the genre, you’ll still enjoy this one.

Perhaps one of the more livelier bands from the afmusic label, Plastic People’s Good As You, is a broadsheet of dancy electro punk pop music. Opening with the super catchy track, Time Desolation; the song clearly introduces the listeners on what to expect for the entire record. Candid Soul follows through with an equally upbeat sound and head bobbing vibe. It makes you want to hit the dancefloor and dance like crazy even if you aren’t really a big dancer.

Meanwhile, Stonewall 1969 is an electronic dance number that makes me think of robots and fun 80s music. This is one of my favorite tracks in the record. It’s an excellent piece that carefully mixes electronica with pop; balancing the synth and the vocal work makes this a really great song to listen to.

More recently, the group released their latest compilation Pink Narcissists just last January 2011. For the meantime, listen to this record and see whether the group deserves to be in your playlist.

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