Dream League Soccer 2016 from First Touch Games gives you the opportunity to build the team you really want and take the game to the next level. Here you can recruit FIFPro players, build a team and stadium and take on all comers in the Dream League Online. It’s a daunting task, but you have the tools and means to achieve it here.

There are six leagues you have to rise over, but if you have played other soccer type games before the setup should be familiar. The interface is intuitive and the graphics are among the best for games in its class today.

You start by choosing your team captain from the list given. Tap each player to bring up a list of their ratings and stats and decide which one is ideal to be captain. Once you have made that decision, you go to training mode and get familiar with the controls, learn to defend, strike and pass.

There’s a tutorial for the controls, which are made up of a joystick button on the left of the screen and buttons on the right screen for defending, passing and striking. Since these controls are not opaque you can still see what’s going on in the field, and the response is good so it’s not going to be a problem.

Dream League Soccer 2016 is a versatile mobile game that should appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers. The default settings are just right if you’re looking for a casual game, and if you want something more complex, there are options as well.

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