Google Nik Collection is now available for free, so you can use this collection of photo apps and plugins (once priced at $150) to touch up your images and perform other editing tasks. This offer is not a one time offer by the way: this tool collection is really free to download and use.

It is possible to run each plugin as a standalone program, but you will get the most out of this by using the entire collection in a photo editing application like Adobe Photoshop or other editing tools. If you’d rather use the plugins, just make shortcuts to their respective .exe files and launch each program.

The Nik Collection includes Sharpener Pro where you can sharpen images, while Viveza has several options for changing hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness, and you can do this without using masks. Color Efex Pro lets you retouch photos and make color corrections.

Dfine lets you lower the noise level in your pictures without losing detail, while HDR Efex Pro is the tool for fine tuning your images; the Silver Efex Pro is for enhancing B&W photos and Analog Efex Pro is a handy plugin for giving your images that classic, vintage appearance.

The Nik Collection tools have unique features but if you’ve had any experience using photo editing plugin tools, they’ll be easy to figure out as the controls are intuitive. If you’re into image manipulation and always wanted to use the Nik Collection but balked at the thought of paying for it, now’s they’re yours for free.

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