Before Wiz Khalifa became a household name, the hiphop artist has droppped several mixtapes to hone his talent, one of which is Kush & Orange Juice.

Packed with lush melodies and heaps of soul flavor, this 20-track collection features Wiz Khalifa’s initial endeavor in rap that has garnered a massive turbulence in the hiphop landscape

Intro Waken Baken sets the mood with soul-tinged harmonies flowing slowly at a very relaxed vibe. Emerging from the same mold is Mezmorized. Here, Khalifa churns out rhymes on a backdrop of sporadic beats and glowing keys.

We’re Done features Khalifa’s experimentation by interlacing layers of pop melodies with robust hiphop beats. This upbeat track showcases a more mainstream flavor of rap, where free-versing is replaced by words precisely fit in every note.

In Never Been, the artist attempts to achieve the thin line between being accessible yet different by using familiar hiphop arrangements set on layers of eccentric tunes.

Kush & Orange Juice closes with Supply Ft Nesby Phips, a raw, stripped down track that only features drum beats to highlight Khalifa’s rap prowess. A diamond in the rough, this piece — though it needs more polishing — presents the artist’s ability not only to bust out smooth rhymes but also rapid wordplay.

This collection proves that Whiz Khalifa’s sound is a product of years of experimentation, trial and error as well as practice. Download Kush & Orange Juice and take a peek in the makings of a hiphop star.

01. Waken Baken
02. Mezmorized
03. Were Done
04. Skit 1
05. The Statement
06. Spotlight Ft Killa Kyleon
07. Skit 2
08. The Kid Frankie
09. Up
10. Never Been
11. In The Cut
12. Visions
13. Still Blazin
14. Slim Skit
15. Pedal to The Medal Ft Johnny Juliano
16. Good Dank
17. Skit 3
18. Glass House Ft Curreny And Big Kritt
19. Outro
20. Supply Ft Nesby Phips

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