There are a ton of messaging apps already, so why bother with Google Allo, the newest chat app from Google? Well for one thing, it’s really good, and second it’s got Google Assistant, which can do pretty much whatever you expect from a chat app including sending photos, stickers and group chat, and that’s just for starters.

Once you download Allo the app is going to use your phone number for identification, so no complicated setups, and if you have a Google ID it will tie up to that automatically. However the most significant feature here is Google Assistant, which is a bot that uses Google to answer your questions.

You can talk to Google Assistant two ways: add @google to your group chat and ask your question, or just directly chat with it. It’s really easy to use and can be of practical assistance. If you’re looking for hotels nearby, just type “hotels nearby?” and Allo brings up a list of the hotels close by.

In addition to answering your questions, Google Allo can translate the results in various languages. The app can also check your emails, look up airline ticket prices and other stuff. It is updated with Gmail and calendar. Basically it is like having Google Search in your chat app.

Google Allo is still in preview mode, but it is working fine as it is. If you’re not happy with your current chat messaging app and just want better synchronization with your other Google apps, you will like what Google Allo has to offer.

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