GroupMe is a group chat app that allows you to organize the conversations you have with your friends. With the app you can arrange messages by specific groups / topics so one group has your conversations about basketball, the other about politics, another for your travels and so on.

Once installed, GroupMe lets you create either private or public text message groups. For this to work, participants should have the app installed or have their computer bookmark it, and you then create an account that is attached to your email or phone number.

Once that is done, you can create a text message group or join a preexisting one. In many ways, GroupMe is like a forum on your mobile as everything is organized according to topics and everyone has their own handle. With the app, anyone can send anyone messages, and all messages are kept until you delete them.

GroupMe uses SMS or web data to send messages, and it’s this versatility that allows you to send messages on non-smartphones. You can also set up an alarm to notify you if there is an incoming message. If you’d rather not have sounds, icons will be displayed instead.

It’s easy to see the different ways you can use the app. In one list you can talk with friends about sports you like, while in another group you chat with your techie pals and discuss the latest gadgets. Then you can set up another list to talk about movies, what’s showing where and discuss when you’re going to watch.

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