Miitomo is a mobile communications app from Nintendo that takes social networking to another level. Nintendo of course, is well known for their games and consoles, but they’re showing they’ve got what it takes to make a pretty cool social media app, and it’s a lot of fun to use.

Once you’ve downloaded the app the first thing to do is make a Mii, an avatar or representation of yourself. If you’ve been using the Wii, the Mii will be familiar, or you can just snap a photo of yourself and use that. The Mii also lets you adjust the speed and pitch of your Mii and lastly, answer a few simple questions that constitute the app’s communications.

Your contacts list is taken from your Twitter and Facebook accounts and you can use the app to link to your My Nintendo account. If you want to see the other Mii users in your area just tap the location tracker, and once your friends list gets large enough, Miitomo will suggest new friends.

Once your friends list and Mii are set, they can visit your virtual home and engage in conversations, and you can do the same. Once you’ve said your hellos you can talk about things like your favorite celebs or foods. These naturally enough, can be used for starting other conversations and so on.

But aside from the conversations, what’s really nice about Miitomo is you can customize your Mii in fancy get ups plus you can add other accessories. In addition you can use Emojis and upload images to change the backdrop.

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