What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when someone says, “I am not left-handed?” Bet you’d say that that person’s right-handed. Well, maybe, but this band says that their name doesn’t really describe who they are, but instead, they let their music do the job for them. “Yes Means No” is their debut album released on August 19, 2008. The band dubbed the album’s content as “songs that will not always give a straight answer,” which makes it really catchy and definitely up for anyone’s curiosity. It is packed with 7 alternative-indie-rock songs that will jolt listeners’ sleepy nerves.


With the strong vocals & excellent guitar-playing skills of Kathryn, Daniel’s (also bassist) back-up vocals, and Benji’s perfect drumbeat, “Yes Means No” gives I Am Not Lefthanded a very good start in the music industry. Lyrically, their songs are well written, very much unique, and expressed in a manner that will make you feel what the band’s message in each song is. “Long Goodbyes” is one of the best songs in the album, beat and arrangement-wise. The song actually talks about hating long goodbyes and the ache that it brings. “Endline” is has a great piano intro that blends with Kathryn’s amazing melodic undertone. You will agree that “Persuade Yourself” possesses a great RocOustic start. “Dedicated” has an amazing bass and guitar play. Among the 6 and 1/6 songs, “Falling” is the feel good Rock track. An airy track, you say? Then, “boatsnottheocean” is the song for you. “Clumsy” is a 55-second and peculiar track, but is indeed very well-expressed.

One simple sentence that I Am Not Lefthanded promises to listeners about their songs is, “NO POP MUSIC.” But what the heck, pop or no pop, this is an album that all music lovers shouldn’t miss.

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