Developed by the Scratch Foundation, Scratch Jr teaches your kids the basics of animation and computer programming. Aimed at children 5 to 7 years old, the app uses graphics to create characters and learn about math and language. While Scratch Jr is designed like a game, it’s also educational.

Scratch Jr makes it easy to learn computer programming, games and interactive stories and characters. You just need to put characters on a stage and provide instructions for each one. You can then instruct the character to jump, move, produce sounds and more.

In a typical computer program you have to type the instructions, but in Scratch Jr you just drag some blocks. This is what makes the app fun to use as even kids who aren’t yet skilled in reading can use it. By simply moving and dragging blocks around, kids will learn the fundamentals of programming.

The app is based on the Scratch website, but it’s more accessible. While it’s a programming app, the blocks are smaller and easier to manage. However, the blocks do allow you to create loops, play back recorded sounds, fade in and out. By tapping and dragging you can also create various animation frames and apply numerous audio effects.

Scratch Jr may be focused on programming, but the way it’s been set up makes it easy for 5 to 7 year old kids, and even four year old kids will probably have fun with it as well. If your kid is showing interest in computers, this is an app they’ll probably like.

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