Endless Alphabet from Originator is an educational app for kids 3+, and it is designed to help them learn to read. Available as a free Android app and a paid version on iTunes, it is the ideal way to teach your kids the ABCs and enhance their vocabulary. While it’s an education app, Endless Alphabet is still fun.

The app is easy to use: once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, you’ll see a glossary of words. Tap one of the words and it will show up in a notebook – style display. The word is displayed clearly for easy viewing.

Another set of letters shows up, each one designed as a colorful animal, and is spread around the display. By tapping one of the creatures it will pronounce the letter in a funny manner. The goal is to position the letter so it corresponds with the original word. Place it on the wrong position and you’ll hear an error sound.

Once you have set the letter in the right location, you just need to drag the other letters until the word is spelled out. Once the word has been completed the app will display the word in animated form. The animation is simple but it’s adorable and kids will love it.

Endless Alphabet is a simple app, but it gets the job done as far as enhancing kids’ vocabulary is concerned. If you’re looking for a fun education app for your kid, this is as good a choice as any.

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