There is no better way to describe Cheatsheet Widget than its own product description. Developed by Christopher Adam Overholtzer, it is, in its own words, for the little things you never remember. With this small app you can jot down those addresses, phone numbers, luggage ID, license plates and so on, and they are easily accessible.

The app is easy to use. Simply type the stuff you want to remember. It can be a hotel room number, phone number, street name, whatever. The nice thing about Cheatsheet Widget is that it is always a tap away.

With other apps you have to unlock your phone and look for the app and search for the message. That is not the case here. When you unlock your phone the app is available at your notification center as a widget.

Its interface is intuitive and easy to follow. Launch the app and tap the plus sign and you have a new cheat. Choose one of the icons, type, tap save and you are done. Now when you check your today tab you will find Cheatsheet Widget there.

The app is quick to learn and works fine as is. If you want to copy paste the cheats on to another app, just tap and hold and the text will be placed on the clipboard. You can add 10 items on the iPhone version and 16 on the iPad version.

If there is one possible drawback with the app, it is that it does not have any strong security features. But that is not what Cheatsheet Widget is about. It is for writing down items you forget, and in that the app succeeds..

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