There are a lot of PDF programs online but many are just too complicated. PDFSAM Basic is a free tool designed to make simple PDF tweaks available to all users. It comes with several features that are designed to meet your daily requirements. Free versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.

The SAM in the name refers to split and merge, and that is mainly what this program is for. There are several options to merge several PDFs in one file, and multiple options to split are provided too.

You can split PDFs utilizing page numbers as guides, split in sizes you specify or use bookmarks in a PDF file. PDFSAM lets you merge multiple PDFs into one. You can also extract specific parts and combine them. One of the listed options, Alternate Mix, merges two files with alternating pages.

The interface is easy to navigate. Click add to include the PDF you want to edit. The Merge Settings allow you to add footers, normalize page size and so on. Just click the option you want and the program does the rest.

The rotate feature works as described and is useful if you scanned PDFs and the file is not properly oriented. For a lot of folks, the ability to save individual files is a very useful feature especially if you are only interested in a particular section.

Batch processing is supported so you can tweak several PDF files. Because the interface is easy to navigate you will not have problems splitting or merging PDF files.

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