Survival horror is one of the most popular video game genres, but its nature means it can be hit and miss on mobile devices. Fortunately NetEase Games got it right with Identity V, as it combines excellent gameplay with intuitive controls that make it a lot of fun. This is a multiplayer game and needs an Internet connection.

Identity V involves five players, one is a hunter and the other four are survivors. As one of the survivors your goal is to look for and work on the decoding systems on each level. You have to reach specific targets as that allows you to open the gate and escape.

If you play the hunter your objective is to prevent the survivors from getting away. The hunter is not as agile as the survivors but you are equipped with a weapon that can take down a survivor with just a couple of hits. Once knocked down you can secure the survivors on a chair and blast them off in the atmosphere.

Survivors are not completely helpless since they can try and free captured survivors, and there are also characters that can treat their injuries. The key for the survivors though is to join forces and escape to their freedom. The survivors can also use objects in the environment to help with their escape.

Controls are easy. Slide left or right to look around the screen and push up left to move. At the right are some options for interaction. There is a tutorial at the beginning so it should be easy for you to get into the game.

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