CutePDF is a free software for Windows that can convert PDF documents easily and without any fuss. Since PDF is the standard form used for distributing documents online, having a creator will definitely come in handy. This is the free version of the commercial edition, but it’s got enough features to suit most users.

CutePDF requires a PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript, which you can download freely on the Web. Once you’ve installed both applications, it’s very easy to make it work. Just open up the file you want to convert into a PDF with the right editor. Now choose the print option from Word or whatever word processor you are using. You can also use the print option in other applications as well.


When you open the print options, choose CutePDF from the list and select where to save. Click the Print button and there you have it, an instant PDF. This PDF can now be distributed just like any PDF file, and you didn’t need Acrobat to create one. Granted it doesn’t have the advanced features of other applications, but if creating PDFs is all you need, look no further.

That’s really all there is to the application. It doesn’t have any password protection or forms, but casual users really have no need for those functions anyway. This for basic PDF creation and it does the job fine. The aforementioned password protection is available with the paid version, but if you’re a casual user this will do just fine.

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