There is no other time of year more synonymous with dancing than summer. The bright sun, soaring temperatures, and party atmosphere create a perfect concoction to excite and bring people to the dancefloor. Today, we unite to discover the Italian label Juicy Traxxx, who are keenly aware of the time upon us and have, fittingly, decided to release their Juicy Summer Sampler for 2019. The album provides a fantastic soundscape to join friends and shake it like there’s no tomorrow, while cleverly introducing the label’s artists at the peak of their powers.

Our six-stop journey begins with a bang, provided by Aymeric’s Luv Talking. A funky, somewhat melancholic piece, great for starting or ending playlists in a way that still makes bodies sweat. Real Love by Alex R continues the bittersweet trend with a piano-driven cut, accompanied by a housey percussion that’s meant to please ears and subtly engage would-be dancers, resulting in a solid warm-up track. The next two tracks throw all the meat on the grill, starting with Eskadron’s Dedicated Groove. The song starts off intensely and never relents, featuring a powerful beat and clever breaks, paving the way for a majestic keyboard riff that adds melody and oomph, rounding up one of the summer’s unexpected hits. SevenbeatzZoundtrax is a more than worthy follow up, unleashing the funk via conga beats and one hell of a bassline, packing a punch and vibrating the hips all at the same time. Past this point, the album commences the wind-down sequence with Sin_ApsesGhost Effect; an atmospheric, subdued piece with an almost minimal vibe, perfect for DJs to mix and provide those much-needed breathers before the next banger. Finally, Loops by Voyd offers a mentally-overwhelming closer, basking in surreal synths and seemingly endless loops to let the mind wander after the good ol’ legs have been put to work.

Many artists attempt to capitalize on the summer season with varying degrees of success. Juicy Traxxx delivers proof of the creative power possessed by their musicians with one of the best compilations you are likely to hear all summer. With something to entice most electronic music lovers, this summer sampler is surprisingly well-rounded for its length. As if the quality on display wasn’t enough, it’s free, as everything else we cover on the blog, so go ahead, download and have some dancey fun, it’s on us.

Favorite tracks: Luv Talkin, Dedicated Groove, Zoundtrax.


1. Aymeric – Luv Talkin 05:43
2. Alex R – Real Love 05:06
3. Eskadron – Dedicated Groove 06:05
4. Sevenbeatz – Zoundtrax 04:15
5. Sin_Apses – Ghost Effect 06:36
6. Voyd – Loops 04:19

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