Freeplane is a free open source mind mapping application. The program, created by Freeplane Development Team, has several tools for concept and information mapping. With the software you can take notes with unconnected nodes and you can position these freely. But there is more to Freeplane than just standard mind mapping.

The software is perfect not just for students, but also for office work and any activity that requires information sharing. With the program you can put together the nodes (or ordering ideas) by lines, and these nodes can be organized by style types or attributes. You can also group the nodes using visual containers and use free lines or dynamic links to arrange them.

Freeplane also comes with reminders and a calendar, and you can hide or show content using filters, concealing tooltip extensions, folding branches and more. In addition, you can password protect individual nodes or the entire map.


While Freeplane has a lot of functions and features, it is very intuitive to use and it works very fast. It is more like a diagramming tool and editor, and it won’t take long before you learn how to put in content and edit them. Thanks to its simple design, editing is as easy as in a diagram.

The program doesn’t require you to be a programmer, but programmers can make extensions for the application, and students will naturally be drawn to it as well. It is possible to add entire packages of images, scripts, icons and other languages to modify the software.

Freeplane can run on any operating system as long as Java is installed, on a hard disk or a portable USB drive.

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