Embracing hip hop’s ever-changing landscape, Wally Clark‘s Sportin Waves sounds like an old friend that’s ready to chill and pour you a drink.

Founder of the recording company Gummy Soul, Wally Clark is a Nashville native who marks his sound with a combination of Tennessee’s soul music, hip hop, and Southern charm.

Sportin’ Waves is Clark’s second solo release featuring 10 retail-worthy tracks. Clocking in at number one is Holla. Kick your feet and jiggle to the sound of jazzy horns and steady hip hop beats.

In Strong Woman, Clark treats us with clean rapping and smokey vocals that do not shroud the ears. While Hibiscus experiments with a plethora of slow, building arrangement of drums, bass, and chimes.


Maintaining the artist’s goal of creating a feel that is both new and from another time, Holding On To Yesterday brims with potent rapping and funk. The blend of backup vocals adds a soulful flair to the piece.

In terms of rhythmic structure, Sportin’ Waves has aced every beat to reach a certain pump of chill energy. With spits of flawless lines and striking smokey vocals, this album has the right formula to offer a distinctive musical experience.

Track List:
1. Holla
2. Strong Woman
3. Shine (Ft. Kurtis Stanley)
4. Hibiscus
5. King Louis
6. Son
7. Hiccups
8. I Drink
9. Holding On To Yesterday
10. The Art of Blastin’ Off (Ft. Xiomara)

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