Radio apps are commonplace, but few are as popular as TuneIn Radio. The app lets you listen in to thousands of radio local and national radio stations, the latest news, the NBA, NFL, MLB and other sporting events. There is also support for Amazon Echo, Alexa, Waze, Google Home and more. The app has been around for a while, but it is updated regularly with new features.

The streamlined design makes it easy to pick and choose a radio station. There are categories so you can fine tune your search. You can start with the app’s recommendations, or browse through the podcast options. Want to tune in to talk radio, sports? TuneIn makes that easy.

Once you’ve picked out stations, you can add them to the presets list. The share option allows you to share your findings with friends on FB and Twitter. Amazon support is integrated so you can buy an album or track in the app.

There is also Car Mode available. Switch to this if you are driving but still want to listen to TuneIn Radio. This option adjust the interface and provides buttons for easy station selection. And since there is integration with Waze, you can tune in to our favorite songs and programs while the Waze app runs. Just open an account with TuneIn Radio, link to Waze and it’s done.

TuneIn Pro is a paid version of the app and lets you record live programs and more. if you’re a radio junkie then that might suit you, but the free edition already packs a wallop.

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