PicPick is an all-in-one free software for capturing, editing and managing your screenshots. It keeps its dock in the taskbar so you can easily select handy tools to capture, edit images, measure pixels, and even use your desktop as a whiteboard.

Unlike your usual print screen, it allows you to choose a certain region and size of your screenshot. PicPick also has a portable version so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere using your USB flash drive or external hard drive without installations.

PicPick does away from your usual print screen method of taking a screen shot, pasting in Paint, and saving as BMP or JPG. It lets you directly take shots of your desktop, and even allows you to choose a particular part of your screen to be shot. In addition, it also has got powerful whiteboard tools which turns your desktop into a virtual board. This makes it easy for online collaborations and web conferences.

This freeware also features support for dual monitors, so don’t worry about taking screenshots of your whole workspace. It also features a built-in image editor, similar to MS Paint, but has tools such as blur, adjust brightness, hue, contrast & saturation, sharpen and many more.

PicPick features Twitter and Facebook connect (both in beta stages) and an email output via Microsoft Outlook. These functions make it easy for you to share your screenshots over the Internet. It also has Google Chrome’s Autoscroll capture.

With a lot of helpful tools to measure your desktop, pick colors, and even magnify your desktop, this is one powerful freeware which can easily be a staple in your computer.

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