Starting Somewhere‘s music album Relax features relaxing beats and melodies with a touch of trip-hop. Perfect as a lounge music, all of its 13 tracks greatly describe the album’s name.

Featuring Andy Natusch as the only member, this talented guy uses his own guitar, keyboard, turntables and beat machine to bring a fresh compilation of relaxing music to us.

Starting Somewhere’s music might be a bit hard to explain and to describe because it is a bit of everything. Aside from trip-hop/hip-hop beats, there is a strong electronica flair. Most songs use audio samples and digital synthesizers – all made by this one-man band.


Andy is based in North Carolina, and you might be surprised to know that this talented musician is a very talented recruiter in the IT industry, too.

Some favorites are “Relax,” “Lateral Thinking” and “Go Out.” Ruin the Things You Love” is also  a cool track with interesting beats and a repetitive melody, but somehow it doesn’t get too repetitive. “Go Out” is more of an upbeat track for a light speed boost, but not too much; a great way to end a laid-back album.

In general, the whole album is worth a listen. It takes you back a few notches down to kick back from the busy life. A great listen while you start your day, or as you type away your blogs and work all throughout the day.

I love art and music of all kinds. I’m happy to be able take part in creating it. My creativity stems from experiences Ive had. I started making music when I was around 12, my first instrument was the guitar. From there I’ve learned many other instruments, and how to bring them together to form the songs you’re hearing.

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