Fairytale by Zero Project is a dreamy music album filled with almost magical notes and dazzling instrumentals. It features 13 tracks which would surely remind you of your long lost childhood dreams which are comprised of pianos, strings, violins, glockenspiels, wind instruments and a whole lot more.

Relive your own fairytales of a knight, a princess and a castle in the middle of a lush meadow filled with all things magical. This album is meant to make your dreams come true.

I’ve seriously looked long and hard, but I can’t seem to find more information about this talented man. Zero Project is a musician from Greece, and has been publishing his compositions on the Internet since 2007. He has a quite nice description for this album, saying that this is album made his dreams come true.


As he started publishing his music some years ago, he had a dream – we all had this dream. The dream of a music fairytale with unicorns, princesses, knights and other things. If your own fairytale has a tune, this music album is probably the best representation of those stories.

From dark scenes of the malevolent stepmother, to the first kiss of the sweet maiden and the handsome prince, Fairytale really captured those moments. You can feel as if you are watching a story unfolding in your mind, and this music album serves as the scoring. Exquisite details on the melodies, each one with a story to tell. Powerful, dreamy and yet these melodies linger in your ears and never fail to let you dream.

Some personal favorites would be Moon Waltz with the flute and the glockenspiels, plus Awakening with its piano melodies that certainly awaken your senses and emotions.

Fairytale captures that special place inside our hearts, the part wherein we always believe in fairies and in happy endings.

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