Joseph: Native Dreamer Kin

Sibling acts are always amazing. Look at Hanson, Haim, or in our case, Joseph. As to why they called themselves such, Portland residents Natalie, Allison, and Meegan explain that their name “Joseph” refers to the name of their grandfather, his homeland in eastern Oregon, and the dream interpreter himself — the biblical Joseph.

Ben Rector: Ben Rector

Sometimes, underrated is good. It gives the artist more leeway to showcase his talents and let the public judge him based on that alone. Such is the case with the talented Ben Rector, who — I’ll shamefully admit — I didn’t know until a few moments ago. Upon browsing his bio and his discography, dude’s pretty much made, providing some of his compositions as soundtracks to hit TV series.

Samantha Ray: Royalty

Yes, we’ll never be royals, but we can still play the part. Just ask Samantha Ray. Being ‘royal’ in its conventional sense sounds so trite now that lexicographers need to hold a closed-door meeting to expand the boundaries of considering something as… royal. In case of Samantha, her interpretation (‘riding in cars’, ‘early morning coffee’, and ‘light through trees’) is one good candidate.

Mike Mains & the Branches: Everything

How much ‘rocking’ do you need? No matter what quantity you’re craving for, Mike Mains & the Branches are sure to please the senses. Composed of Mike, Shannon, and Nate, the seasoned indie band is keeping it short and sweet in its Everything EP, culling three songs from their recent full-length, Calm Down, Everything Is Fine.

cultureculture: cultureculture EP

Does retro-sounding indie music tickle your fancy? You’re better off with the feel-good vibes of cultureculture. Call them ’80s revival if you must, but the boys — whose personal details are carefully under wraps — are just huge fanboys of music with a “funky bassline,” which is evident in mentioned influences such as Tears for Fears and Chromeo.

My Red & Blue: The Start

For lazy Sunday nights, a good pop-rock spin is all you need, and in shades of red and blue. (Loving him was red?) My Red & Blue, the project of 22-year-old, newbie Nashville local Ben Eggebrecht, is set to make hearts aflutter by taking everyone through “a colorful palette of youth, nostalgia, and summertime” — basically, a whole big bowl of fun.
A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Frances Hodgson Burnett: A Little Princess

If you want a good cry, the classic novel A Little Princess might do the trick. Written by playwright and author Frances Hodgson Burnett, her work is one of children’s literature’s most enduring pieces, and never fails to captivate audiences (both kids and adults) up to this day.

StrangeZero: Nanofly

Are you itching to go on a feel trip? StrangeZero‘s newest album is your ideal companion. Founded in 1998 by Greek friends Stelios and Io-V, their ambient wet dreams have been a composite of trance music’s former glory and today’s sweeping EDM rhythms — all in bite-sized quantities. With their latest release, Nanofly, the duo promises to “travel with machines, dreams, and whispering screams.”

Quietly Concerned: Homeless

Being ‘homeless’ is an eternal transitory period; it’s not as much as that of having no permanent residence, but more of a cathartic, endless journey. This is the atmosphere that South African folk musician Quietly Concerned (Kyle Meenehan in real life) evokes in his first EP, “Homeless”. Recorded in a house in Johannesburg and a mountain cabin in Lesotho, Meenehan flits from one form of love to another just like his nomadic lifestyle over the years.