Yes, we’ll never be royals, but we can still play the part. Just ask Samantha Ray.

Being ‘royal’ in its conventional sense sounds so trite now that lexicographers need to hold a closed-door meeting to expand the boundaries of considering something as… royal. In case of Samantha, her interpretation (‘riding in cars’, ‘early morning coffee’, and ‘light through trees’) is one good candidate.

In her debut, six-track EP, Royalty, she delves into life [in general] and soaks in its minute details while rendering them in wax lyric and CMT-ready riffs, a feat that’s regal in itself.

“Door Open” opens itself as one of the staff picks, a flitting cross-breed of Taylor’s vocals and Tori’s (Amos) trademark arrangements — perfect for a good morning’s meditation and brooding.

The title track, “Royalty,” isn’t one to be glossed over, since it takes things up to a hopeful notch, a feat every singer/songwriter is striving to achieve.

We have a winner in our hands. Or aptly, a royalty.

Track listing:
1. Fall, Fall
2. The Gardener
3. Picture Sh0ws
4. Door Open
5. Royalty
6. Keep Your Heart Quiet

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