brightener: make real friends EP

So… you’ve been hounding FrostClick for some collegiate pop-rock. Well, here it is: Give brightener’s latest EP, make real friends, a spin. (The lowercased names were deliberately done, for some needed deviance, what else.) As the moniker of Will Sturgeon, the EP is the result of his post-college break – a vacation, if you will – attributing to the chill vibe of the four-track collection.

Malcolm: Radiotown

Want to quench your playlist with some fresh tracks? Well, buckle up folks, ‘cause Malcolm is taking us to Radiotown! The New York quartet is back with a full-length release this time, and by its title alone – the apt “Radiotown”, it looks like Malcolm and his boys are poised for world domination this time around.

Twin Berlin: Sleazebrain

Rock will, and always be, the go-to music for people wanting to vent out just about anything. Twin Berlin, a three-piece band composed of Matt Lopez, James Janocha, and Sean O’Neil, is bringing their “raw and belligerent music” to all of the FrostWire users and FrostClick readers alike. [And we love it.]

The Desirables: And You, Bro?

If your efforts in scouring the best acoustic act out there is becoming futile, have no fear. The Desirables, a relatively new band comprised of two brothers, have released their third EP effort for the year, And You, Bro?, for your pleasure — considering that they’ve only started this year.

Great White Buffalo: Great White Buffalo EP

If you haven’t been introduced to the Great White Buffalo by now, here is the perfect chance. The L.A. quartet is poised to make the grade with their recently-released self-titled debut, Great White Buffalo, which boasts big hooks and a polished production, all thanks to Grammy award-winning producer Philip Allen (Adele, Aerosmith).

JekK: One Day

What happens when you put an electronic twist to your run-of-the-mill love songs? JekK‘s debut One Day is the answer, and is the only thing you’ll ever need. Not much is known about the artist himself (except that he’s French), but he sure told a lot about the EP in an interview to Jamendo.

Daniel Mackley: Just an Ocean

Young prodigies are the thing nowadays, breeding the likes of Daniel Mackley. At only 17 years old, the South Yorkshire native started [months ago] by posting covers of alternative favorites on YouTube. Now, Daniel hopes to expand his horizon even more through his debut EP, Just an Ocean, which collects three original compositions and a cover medley.

Tearjerker: Rare

ATTENTION: We’ve just uncovered a “rare” gem, and it’s Tearjerker’s acclaimed 2011 EP, Rare. The boys do what they do best – dream pop – and the results are just astounding. As it turns out, the collection became an experimental ground on every possible route ‘shoegaze’ can take; a mixtape of sorts, if you will.