Being ‘homeless’ is an eternal transitory period; it’s not as much as that of having no permanent residence, but more of a cathartic, endless journey.

This is the atmosphere that South African folk musician Quietly Concerned (Kyle Meenehan in real life) evokes in his first EP, “Homeless”. Recorded in a house in Johannesburg and a mountain cabin in Lesotho, Meenehan flits from one form of love to another just like his nomadic lifestyle over the years.


Homeless, is being in love with the consciousness (“All You Know”, “Hey”), romantic love (“Tangled Up in You”), and for animal rights (“The End”). Ultimately, it’s his non-attachment anthem “Moving Ground” which expresses that beautiful release from materialism – a love like no other.

“Take everything I own, give it away. I don’t need it where I’m going, not sure I need it anyway,” he belts out.

Aside from blending those melodious guitar strums and that unique tinge of harmonica, it’s his noble cause that calls praise for. Though it’s free for download, you can buy the EP at any amount that you want, 50% of which be will split between the War Child and FreeMe charities.

Social awareness and the complex human condition, you can’t ignore it.

Track listing:
1. All You Know
2. Hey
3. Moving Ground
4. The Sky’s On Fire
5. The End
6. Tangled Up In You

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