Callaghan: 40 States and Counting

Many years and counting, and we’re still looking for that seminal pop-rock record to stimulate our bubbly senses. A worthy contender comes in the form of Callaghan, a relatively new female act that possesses a solid set of heart-wrenching tunes. Born as Georgina Callaghan, the 31-year-old prodigy has been hard at work since the latter part of the previous decade, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Austin Ellis: The New Vision

Singing heartthrobs seem to be the trend of the moment. Who can blame ‘em? When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Former The Voice contestant Austin Ellis isn’t the one to back down, and he continues his professional musicianship with an eight-track acoustic EP entitled The New Vision.

filial: filial

Are you filial when it comes to good music? One-act filial is definitely feeling the same. However, aside from the literal connotation of the word, C.J. Bergmen‘s new alias pertains to his devotion to the Being above us. In his best form here, the budding musician has mastered crafting contemplative Christian tunes for the modern times — a bag of songs so irresistibly appealing, even to a cynic or a skeptic.

The All-About: Suburban Heart

Some of the best music probably stems from one’s reminiscences about his or her hometown, and Suburban Heart is no exception. In his latest project, Zac Coe – The All-About is his pseudonym – solely mans the boat, almost. Well, yeah, he’s enlisted some friends, but the nitty-gritty, such as the autoharp and the glockenspiel, are entirely his.