Sibling acts are always amazing. Look at Hanson, Haim, or in our case, Joseph.

As to why they called themselves such, Portland residents Natalie, Allison, and Meegan explain that their name “Joseph” refers to the name of their grandfather, his homeland in eastern Oregon, and the dream interpreter himself — the biblical Joseph.

Each influence-cum-reference constitutes the qualities of their EP, Native Dreamer Kin, which gives each of the nine folk tracks a lush, earthy quality — something we’ve seen Mumford & Sons pull off. Add to that the genius of a production consisting of deft strums, haunting vocals, and clever lyricism.

The progressive arrangement of “Lifted Away” particularly amazes, showcasing the sisters as they harmonize at their best form. ‘No longer must we live under these burdens,’ she sings, and a tale of liberation comes unraveling.

“Gold,” the penultimate track, lurks on the more quiet side, and it’s a love song set to lullaby rhythms. Gosh, these girls are astonishing.

Track listing:
1. Cloudline
2. Wind
3. Tell Me There’s A Garden
4. Come In Close
5. Lifted Away
6. Tally Marks
7. Not Mine
8. Gold
9. Eyes To The Sky

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