If your efforts in scouring the best acoustic act out there is becoming futile, have no fear.

The Desirables, a relatively new band comprised of two brothers, have released their third EP effort for the year, And You, Bro?, for your pleasure — considering that they’ve only started this year.

However, their musical range in the collection is unmistakably professional. [Not bad!] It seems that the boys have done their homework, and it’s paying off.

Oak City” kickstarts the acoustic madness, pulling off a lite-folk sensibility that’s sure to appeal older audiences as well as younger ones. Of course, this bildungsroman chant (“Goodbye, Oak City/You taught me everything I never wanted to know“) is just the icing on top of the cake.

the desirables

The soothing guitar stylings continue with “Change Your Mind” and “Katie Milady“, two entries that head towards the romantic direction this time. Much of it must have something to do with a certain “Katie.”

The EP ends on a more lovelorn note on “Slow Down, Darling“, probably still for Katie, which concludes with “Don’t worry about the future, baby/Cause I’m lost in the present with you“. Sigh!

Who wouldn’t want to be in the place of this Katie person?

Track listing:
1. Oak City
2. Change Your Mind
3. Katie Milady
4. Slow Down, Darling

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