(Chemical Brothers, depeche mode, Madonna)

Lilly Wolf: This Painted Life

Lilly Wolf amps up the rave with This Painted, a collection of trip-hop dance tunes that trigger the right amount of high to get you moving on the dance floor. Hailing from Brooklyn, Lilly Wolf is the musical project of Lilly Wolf herself and Alex Neuhausen a.k.a. Dr. Nu. The duo creates infectious dance pop tracks that infuses hard-hitting beats into electronic music.

SoUnD WaVeS: Running Not Skipping

LA DJ, SoUnD WaVeS (Michael Martinez) might not be a household name just yet but he can create catchy tunes worth churning out over the dancefloor. SoUnD WaVeS started DJ'ing back in 1999 where he used the moniker, DJ Brownsugar. Combining his skillful mixes along with this personal artwork, he creates a lush wall of sound with a nice artistic appeal. Initially inspired after seeing Daft Punk live, he has pursued creating music that triggers "a chain reaction of body movement, which then evolves into dancing. "


I just died and went to electro pop heaven after hearing Foxtrott‘s latest EP, Shields. The three-track collection captivates the ears with a plethora of highly infectious tunes crafted all the way from Montreal, Canada.

NanosauR: Imagination Projects

Placing the root of his craft to a greater level, NanosauR deploys its wings on electronic and chillwave tunes. Hailing from San Francisco bay area, NanosauR is the musical off-spring of producer/musician Michael Solorzano. Released last April 19 2011, his full-length album Imagination Projects offers 14 tracks of undeniably tasteful music.

Saint Pepsi: Hit Vibes

Ride and curl along waves of luscious ecojam funk in Hit Vibes by Saint Pepsi aka Ryan DeRobertis . Teeming with thirteen tracks, this album will get you moving through it’s creative experimentation on fresh hip grooves.

Freeze-Tag: Eskimo EP

Ohio native electronic artist Freeze-Tag introduces a dance based prisma-chromatic sound to the electronic soundscape. Utilizing melodies that are inspired by futuristic and retrograde tones, Eskimo EP fleshes out atmospheric tunes that balances between beat and flow.